Meet Our Team

One of us is a graduate of the Skip Barber Racing School. Another greets co-workers in an Irish brogue. And one of us used to be a missionary in Zambia. Who did what? Read on.

Jason Beutler
Jason Beutler

Jason’s dream world would be filled with interesting people that constantly have new and innovative ideas and want to talk about them. And chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

Several years ago, Jason Beutler was teaching a college computer engineering class when he realized that his students were writing better code than an outsourced team he was supervising at the same time. And that’s how EduSource was born. With almost 20 years of professional programming experience, you might expect Jason to spend his free time reading fantasy fiction, playing board games, or drinking Mountain Dew. He does. But he also spends a fair amount of time playing competitive sand volleyball and fanning hard-core at Notre Dame football games. His passion for Notre Dame extended to completing his MBA there in 2009.

University of Notre Dame — MBA (2009)

Taylor University — BS in Computer Science (2000)

John "Hass" Hasenmyer with a big beard
John Hasenmyer
Director of Architecture

Hass loves to greet everyone cheerfully in the morning. Often it’s “Top of the morning to ya!” in a bit of an Irish brogue. But last Friday it was “Guten morgen.” We all agreed that it was slightly less peppy than his usual greeting.

John Hasenmyer is the spirit of EduSource. He just is. He was the very first person founder Jason Beutler hired (even before his wife, Kendra!). But it’s more than that. Hass’ passion for mentoring young programmers comes through big time. Last summer, he personally coached all 12 of our student apprentices, meeting with them occasionally to discuss career options and future thinking. And you’ll (more often than not) find his chair pulled up to the desk of a less-experienced programmer, chatting about creative ways to solve a problem. Hass once spent six months hiking the entire Appalachian Trail with his wife. But his attempts to lead company backpacking trips have been only moderately successful. Programmers, after all, usually aren’t hired for their hiking ability.

Taylor University — BS in Computer Science (1999)

Amy Bridgeman
Amy Bridgeman
Director of Client Engagement

Amy earned an MBA as a single mom of two, while working a full-time job. So she doesn’t take crap from anyone.

Though Amy Bridgeman’s expectations are through the roof, she also plays the role of “company mom” when anyone needs advice about teaching kids to drive, where to bank, or what to make for dinner. And that advice is sound. When Amy joined the EduSource team, she brought desperately-needed organization to the highly creative and imaginative bunch. She’s the first one to the office in the morning, but prefers to leave on time, as she’s always off to one of an array of evening exercise classes. You’ll find her at kickboxing or “hot room” yoga or on a run or bike ride. She loves concerts, too, so frankly, you’d be lucky to find her at home at all.

Indiana Wesleyan University — Master in Business Administration

Project Management Professional (PMP)

Indiana University — BS in Public Health

Kendra Beutler
Director of Talent

Kendra never wanted a minivan. But she has one, and it’s always filled up with employees on Mondays for company lunch day. They call it the “mom van.”

Kendra Beutler loves working with young adults. For many years of her career, that involved teaching at local universities. Now she gets to hang out with college students and young adults all the time at EduSource (the company’s average age is around 25, after all). Kendra is passionate about stories. She’s an avid reader of fiction. But she also loves a great in-depth feature story about anyone. When Kendra’s not working or carting kids all over, she enjoys making pasta sauce or specialty candies. And Kendra and Jason love to travel with their kids. Any reason is a great reason to throw everyone in the car and hit the road.

Ball State University — MA in Journalism (2009)

Taylor University — BA in Journalism (2000)

Jonathan Trick
Director of Delivery

Trick has all the certifications and experience that would impress you. But really, the most impressive thing about him is his ability to remain healthy without eating “anything that grows out of the ground.”

Jonathan Trick is passionate about mentoring youth. Ask any of the teenage boys he (along with his wife) spent years providing foster care for. Or any of the students in the youth group he volunteers with. Or ask our apprentices, who get the opportunity to learn much from Trick, who is one of our senior software engineers. On top of regular software development, you’ll find Trick leading book clubs about software best practices, helping the company along in our pursuits of Kanban and process improvement, or cleaning out the office refrigerator. The only complaint from one of our summer apprentices was that “everyone needs something from Trick, so we never get enough time with him!”

Anderson University — BA in Computer Science/Mathematics (1998)

James Loftis
Software Engineer

James met his wife as a 12-year-old on an Army base in Italy. Years later, they reconnected on Classmates (remember that edgy Facebook precursor?) and eventually got married.

Before going to school for physics and computer science, James Loftis was an environmental driller in Texas. When he heard two separate people speak in church about attending Anderson University deep in the Midwest, James decided that might be for him, too. And even though he’s lived in three countries and eight states (including Hawaii), James and his wife have put deep roots down in good old Indiana. James’ two children will tell you that he’s really a big kid. He loves to make up silly games, watch cartoons, and play video games. Sometimes, on the weekends, James’ family will have themed game days and spend the whole day playing. I think we all need a little Loftis in us.

Anderson University — BS in Physics and Computer Science/Math

Eric Fritzsche
Erik Fritzsche
Business Analyst

Buying a new dishwasher? Choosing flooring for your home? Erik is one of those people who knows everything about EVERYTHING. And if he doesn’t know, he’ll be busy finding out, and then he’ll report back to you (and likely send you a link or two).

Erik Fritzsche is officially a business analyst at EduSource, but he also serves as the jack-of-all-trades. Need a picture hung? No problem. Printer acting funky? Erik’s on it. Trash bag sitting by the door? It’s gone as soon as he sees it. Right now, Erik’s life revolves around his three little ones, but he also enjoys playing golf or soccer and watching college football. Erik is one of those people who is always up on current events and enjoys reading finance news. But lest you think he’s stuffy, never fear. Erik’s a graduate of the Skip Barber Racing School. Oh yes, he is! We don’t even know what that is, but we are all quite jealous.

Taylor University — BS Business Systems (2000)

Ryan Clough
Software Engineer

Clough is that guy you just love having around. He’s interested in everything, always happy to help with anything, and thoroughly, completely upbeat and positive. Really and truly.

But life hasn’t always been roses for Ryan Clough. During college, after having football injuries that didn’t heal, Clough was diagnosed with cancer. His then-fiancée and parents saw him through extensive treatments and surgeries that lasted for years. Eventually, he emerged as a cancer survivor, and he doesn’t take life for granted. That’s probably partly where the sunny outlook on life comes from. Clough spends most of his free time with his wife and two busy sons. But he’s also a major racing enthusiast. Ryan’s a second-career developer, so he adds a unique perspective around here. Lastly, he’s a people-person – passionate about team building and mentoring younger developers.

Taylor University — BS Business Systems (2001)

Ryan Szemplenski
Ryan Szemplinski
Software Engineer

There’s this “For Sale” sign that hangs out around our office. And somehow, it always ends up on Szemplinski’s desk. There’s a story behind the sign. But whether it’s that Szemplinski is trying to make some extra cash by renting out his desk space or that someone’s out to get him, well, you’re not going to get that story from me.

Ryan Szemplinski has been around EduSource for quite a while, first as an apprentice and now as a full-time employee. As an apprentice, he was known as the guy that made everyone laugh. Since joining the team full time, his leadership and influence have grown. But his sense of fun hasn’t suffered. Along with another co-worker, he instituted the “Donut Money” jar a few months ago. When there’s enough money in the jar, Szemplinski goes off to buy donuts for everyone (usually on a Friday, of course). Everything is more fun when he’s there, so everyone always tries to get him to come. One other great thing about Szemplinski? He almost always wears great shoes.

Taylor University — BS in Computer Science (2016)

Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith
Software Engineer

Andrew’s pretty quiet. Once, he was driving with me to a job fair about an hour away. I warned him when he got in the car: “My goal is to get to know you during this drive. I’m going to ask A LOT of questions.” To his credit, he just smiled and chuckled softly. Then he went on to answer each and every question I asked.

Andrew Smith carries all of his 6-foot-6 frame with confidence. He’s extremely quiet, but not shy. In fact, we suspect that he’s behind a lot of the shenanigans that go on in the office, though you’d never know. When people are having strange conversations in the office (not that this ever happens…), Andrew will often be over at his desk, chuckling, shoulders shaking, even though he’s not contributing to the conversation. He gets the subtle points of humor. Andrew is exceptionally close to his family. He has three sisters and a brother, and if he takes time off, it’s usually to be with them. At “home” in Illinois, relatives are sprinkled like fairy dust around the nearby blocks. Holidays involve them all converging on one house with lots of noise and lots of food. Andrew is smart and steady and very mature for his age. He’s a vital part of our team.

Taylor University — BS in Computer Science (2016)

Michael Neeley
Director of Finance

Two parts financial guru, one part parent to adopted teens, one part rock band bass player. Michael is definitely not what you expect when you think of “Director of Finance.”

Often wearing high tops, Michael slips into the office quietly. Though he’s a snappy dresser, Michael doesn’t call attention to himself. In fact, we often don’t realize he’s here (he’s part-time, after all) until we get hit with a question about a missing receipt or credit card transaction. Michael’s stress outlet (other than a deep love for music) is rock climbing or hiking or camping. Basically, anything outdoors. He and his wife also have a serious passion for helping teens through the foster system. Their two adopted children spent most of their lives in that system. And the Neeley family just built a new house with room for plenty more.

Ball State University – BS in Entrepreneurship (2006)

Matthew Champion
Matthew Champion
Software Quality Engineer

Matthew loves to break things. If we create custom software for you, we’ll set him loose on it! That’s why he’s a natural Quality Engineer.

Matthew Champion is always laughing. He’s probably so relaxed because he spends a lot of time outdoors – hiking, fly fishing, or playing Frisbee golf. One of his goals is to visit every national park. If you know Matthew, you know that it’s unexpected that he graduated from Indiana University with a degree in European history. He says his studies help him in his current work because of the attention to detail they taught him. You might be thinking: history major? Does he act like a stuffy professor? Ha! Not at all! With his big beard and constant baseball cap, Matthew is more likely to chat with you about video games than lecture you.

Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis —  BA in European History (2013)

Bryant Sell
Bryant Sell
Software Engineer

Back when he was a single college student, Bryant drove a lime-green motorcycle, with a matching lime-and-black leather jacket. For fun, he programed an Arduino to flash lights on his right or left shoulder to match his turn signals. Then he got engaged. And sold the bike.

Bryant is the heart and soul of EduSource. He’s one of our earliest employees, since he started his career with us as a sophomore in college (as an apprentice). If you hear a humming in the office, it’s coming from Bryant. At least he’s upgraded from wearing headphones and belting out Taylor Swift, which is what he did as a student. Bryant is extremely social. If anyone is up for doing anything, Bryant is up for it. He attends more EduSource events than anyone except the owners. He loves playing game or video games or just hanging out and chatting. If you’re hanging out with him after 11 p.m., you know a deep conversation is on the way. That’s one of the great things about Bryant. He takes the time to get to know you, to ask questions, and to care about the answers. Bryant’s a smart guy, and never steps down from a programming challenge. He’s also become a leader in user experience at EduSource.

Taylor University — BS in Computer Science/Systems (2016)

Justin Powell
Justin Powell
Software Engineer

Justin was an Eagle Scout in high school. For his final project, he built bat boxes on high poles and placed them in local parks. But he’s not sure if any bats ever actually moved in.

Justin Powell is fairly new to the EduSource team. He’s a heads-down, ready-to-work programmer. But we’ve still managed to learn some things about him. Music is vital to Justin’s life. In high school, he was part of a competitive marching band, playing trumpet. Music continued to be important through college. Today, you’ll hear him listening to a variety of genres, but never country or rap. Justin likes to hang out with friends, but he’s also pretty happy having some time to himself.

Taylor University – BS in Computer Science (2016)

Caleb Dinsmore
Caleb Dinsmore
Software Engineer

Caleb and his new wife don’t have kids. But they do have a cute little puppy that has its own Instagram account.

Caleb grew up with a dad in the Marine Corps., so he’s lived a little bit of everywhere, including a stint in Hawaii. So we’re pretty happy that this traveling guy is putting down roots in the Midwest. Even though Caleb is one of our younger employees, others already come to him for help and advice. After all, they’ve been used to doing it for years, since he started with us early in his sophomore year in college. He’s known around the office for his front-end and iOS skills, logical thinking, and can-do attitude (which sounds corny, but there’s really no better way to describe this guy). Caleb’s got a quirky sense of humor that makes him fun to have at any event. As an illustration, he has a Bobblehead of himself as a desk decoration (it was a gift from his wife). And once, when he was a student, he instituted dress-up Fridays, and tried to get other students to dress up trendily at the end of every week. If you’ve spent much time around programmers, you can only imagine how much of a challenge that was.

Taylor University — BS in Computer Science with Systems (2017)

Tory Harter
Tory Harter
Software Engineer

Tory is the kind of person who never, ever microwaves in plastic. He knows the risks.

Tory Harter is very quiet. But here at EduSource, we have a way of drawing people out. That’s why we know things about Tory. For instance, we know that his favorite milkshake is vanilla (“Vanilla IS a flavor,” he insists), and that he likes to create programming projects on the side. But the best thing we know about Tory? Even though he’s this quiet, blend-in type guy, he always wears crazy socks. If you’re feeling a little blue on a Monday morning, just come in and take a gander at Tory’s socks. Guaranteed to cheer you right up. Tory’s originally from Bluffton, Ind., and his geeky passion is that he can’t wait to see how artificial intelligence progresses in the future. You never know – Tory just might be the scientist behind one of those robots that take over the world!

Taylor University — BS in Computer Science (2016)

Nick Reynolds
Software Engineer

I think the thing that impressed us most about Nicholas right from the beginning was the fact that he worked close to full time as a developer while completing his schooling as a full-time student (with a crazy-impressively high GPA).

Nicholas Reynolds has a serious online presence. We use Slack as an office communication tool and it is rare that someone beats Nicholas to commenting on any statement. He’s always right there with a quick quip or comeback. Nicholas is pretty outdoorsy. He likes to cycle and ride dirt bikes. And he once hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back up again in one day (a 17-mile hike!). But even though he’s more active than the stereotypical programmer, he still prefers just meat on his pizza. Best case, pepperoni and bacon. And he loves iced tea, often having a pyramid of Styrofoam McDonalds cups on his desk.

Indiana University, Purdue University Indianapolis – BS in Computer & Information Technology (2016)

Keith Bauson
Software Engineer

Keith hates wasted food. In fact, you can often find him eating the last donut in the box, just to make sure it doesn’t get thrown away. And if you don’t want that tomato on your sandwich at lunch? Just pass it over to Keith. He’ll take care of it.

Keith Bauson is our resident deep thinker. He doesn’t just want to know how to do something; he wants to know why it should be done that way. There might be long pauses during a conversation with Keith – he has this signature head tilt that means he’s thinking – but he’s really great at explaining complex concepts to others on the team. Last summer, Keith’s apprentice team liked him so much that they created team t-shirts of Keith’s face, drawn with lines of code. He’s that kind of person – he inspires strong feelings and laughter. Keith spent two years of high school in Africa with his missionary family. So he’s always cold. Keith’s natural habitat is 90 degree heat.

Taylor University — BS in Computer Science (2016)

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