What We Do

At EduSource, we give everyday people access to the power of custom software.

We believe your software should support your business, not remake it. But getting custom software is extremely expensive. That makes off-the-shelf software the only choice for many companies, even if it doesn’t exactly meet their needs. At EduSource, we’re attacking the standardization of software. We can give you the customization you need without breaking the bank. We hire college students, train them rigorously, and team them up with our senior developers to create a cost-effective solution to the custom-software problem.

What can EduSource do for You?

Custom software is just that: custom. If you have a problem, we can create a solution!

What can EduSource do for you? Well, we actually want to ask a different question: What do you need? We want to help identify your problem and then develop the best solution. It’s what we love.
These are some solutions we’ve created in the past. Don’t see what you’re looking for? That’s where the custom piece comes in. We’ll create exactly what you need to make your business more effective.



Do you need web applications that integrate with third-party systems? We can seamlessly pull data from Survey Monkey, a CRM, business intelligence systems, QuickBooks, Mail Chimp, Outlook, and others into your applications.


Take your business mobile with the development of a custom app. EduSource specializes in iOS, Android, and Apple TV apps. Have an idea, but not sure how workable it is? Come talk to us!


Have an idea for selling software as a service? We can help you do that! We often work with clients who have an idea and lack the tools to bring it to life. With our help, you can turn your ideas into repeat income for your company.


Have a process that needs to be streamlined? Rely on a spreadsheet that you pass around from employee to employee? Let us take your daily operations and make them usable by your whole team. We specialize in enterprise-wide custom web applications that are flexible enough to grow with your company and help you run more efficiently.


Sometimes EduSource can use pre-built elements so we don’t have to start your software from scratch. In the industry, this is called using microservices architecture. This cutting-edge, innovative “building-block” type of software development can save clients a lot of time (and money).


You can combine any of these choices to build your own perfect package. We are truly a custom software shop, so we can work with your plans and ideas to build whatever you need. Throw your ideas at us—we’ll help you figure out how best  to make them a reality. If EduSource isn’t the right solution for your problem, we’ll point you in the right direction.



We include process coaching with any EduSource service. Our business analysts are experts at scrutinizing your process for inefficiencies and automation possibilities. Together, we’ll develop a plan for rolling out improvements when it makes sense for you and your budget.


For companies ranging from large global companies with local branches to companies as small as the nonprofit down the street, we act as the outsourced development team for several businesses. Keep us on retainer or pay as you go. We’re happy to solve your technical/software needs so you can concentrate on your sweet spot. Leave the technical headache to us.


Because we believe so strongly in equipping the future, we’re always on the lookout for partner universities. We’ve helped with things like hosting field trips, sending experts in to teach specific classes, and giving input on curriculum development. For two years, we even shared a professor with Taylor University. He spent half of his hours with us and half in the classroom.

Meet the people who are humanizing technology.

Our team of developers can tackle your project.

Does your business need a custom software solution? We're on it! EduSource will develop feature-rich custom web applications for internet-focused projects. We can also rescue projects that need saving. Our project teams are ready to deliver unique, effective, and profitable solutions for your business.

Our Apprenticeship Model

It’s not just a fancy word for internship.

An apprentice is someone who is learning a job from a skilled worker. Apprenticeships used to be the primary method for learning how to do a job. Benjamin Franklin started out as an apprentice. So did Thomas Edison.

At EduSource, we’re bringing apprenticeships back.

We hire college computer science majors after their sophomore year for our apprenticeship program. Apprentices work full time during the summer and 15-20 hours per week from campus during the school year.

Interested? Good.

The deadline for 2018 Apprenticeship applications has passed, but we’d still love to hear from you! Click on the button below to learn more about our apprenticeship program, and feel free to contact us with any questions!

Why Work for EduSource?





Our emphasis on coaching makes EduSource stand out in the software field. Each employee meets with a coach to set goals and improve themselves professionally. The coaching only enhances our strong commitment to community. Our team consists of individuals committed to faith, hope, love, and excellence, making EduSource an uplifting, encouraging place to work. We are also committed to education, both in supporting and supplementing our student apprentices' formal education and in seeing our full-time employees better themselves professionally. That all adds up to excellence, which is one of our core values.

Interested in joining our EduSource team?

We are currently looking for software development apprentices to come on board for the 2017-2018 school year. Check out the full job description.

Email your résumé to info@edusource.us

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