Frustrated by Off-the-Shelf Software?

With custom software, you don’t have to be.

Are you tired of contorting your business processes to fit off-the-shelf methods? Or using slices of your data to make decisions because you can’t see the whole picture? Your software should support your business, not remake it. You don’t have time for outdated information. Are you ready for solutions?

Custom Software Should be Personal

As a small business in Indianapolis, we know relationships are important.

We view our clients as partners in the custom software process. That’s why mentoring and transparency are important to us at EduSource. We’re not here to sell our product and move on—we want to work with you to create the best custom software for your business.

“I’ve used EduSource for a couple of projects. They’ve always been very effective and efficient in their work. I look forward to future opportunities to work with them. You can be assured that they have the skills and knowledge to complete any custom development project.”

Shawn Miller, Community Health Network