7 Inspiring Ted Talks That Will Raise Your Leadership Game
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7 Inspiring Ted Talks That Will Raise Your Leadership Game

June 20, 2018

Meet Amy

Amy Bridgeman is the Director of Client Engagement at EduSource and part of our Executive Leadership Team. She loves kickboxing and concert-going. At EduSource, we set quarterly goals. Amy’s second-quarter goal was to identify 7 great Ted Talks for leaders. Here, she shares what she found:

1. Drew Dudley: “Everyday Leadership”

  • What you’ll learn: Most people feel that leadership is a large, daunting task, but it’s the small gestures that make the biggest impact. Equally important is telling someone about the positive impact that they had on your life.
  • Takeaway: Leadership isn’t a title, it’s about making a difference.

2. Derek Sivers: “How to Start a Movement”

  • What you’ll learn: How one person can inspire a crowd of followers. The first follower turns a lone nut into the leader, and that first follower becomes as, if not more, important as the leader.
  • Takeaway: Nurture your first follower as an equal, it makes a safe environment for other followers.

3. Fields Wicker-Miurin: “Learning from Leadership’s Missing Manual”

  • What you’ll learn: People who make the biggest difference have a passion, and they try to learn from others, but end up inspiring instead. They have drive, passion, commitment, and humility.
  • Takeaway: The best leaders don’t use business-school tactics.

4. Roselinde Torres: “What it Takes to be a Great Leader”

  • What you’ll learn: The past model of an all-knowing superhero standing on high has to change to match the fast-paced world of today. Old training models of large companies are producing a 58% gap in candidates for future leadership.
  • Takeaway: Three questions future leaders should be asking:
    • Where are you looking to anticipate the next change?
    • What is the diversity of your network?
    • Is there a practice that you do out of comfort that you should abandon?

5. Margaret Heffernan: “Why it’s Time to Forget the Pecking Order”

  • What you’ll learn: This is a summary talk on a few studies on high-performing teams. The highest performing teams don’t have the highest IQs, but they have high degrees of social empathy; roughly equal voices, with no one voice louder; and have more women in them.
  • Takeaway: When social support is integrated into cultures of large organizations, they see an increase in productivity of 10%.

6. Stanley McChrystal: “Listen, Learn … Then Lead”

  • What you’ll learn: You must build trust to build faith to get to confidence.
  • Takeaway: Leaders will let people fail, but they won’t let them become failures.

7. Italy Talgam: “Lead like the Great Conductors”

  • What you’ll learn: If you have joy at work, you’ll have joy in output. Joy can be bringing other’s stories together and telling them as one.
  • Takeaway: A small gesture can make a big impact.

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