What can EduSource do for You?

Custom Software Solutions


Effective Processes

Your business is made up of processes. Hundreds of them. At EduSource, we’re experts at creating custom software to streamline and automate those processes. It will improve your business efficiency, save you money, and free you up to focus on taking your business to the next level.

Meaningful Data

Interpreting your data is one of the most difficult challenges in business. We can develop custom software that will safeguard and analyze your data and produce meaningful reports. You’ll have the information and confidence you need to make effective business decisions.

Profitable Solutions

EduSource is committed to creating high-quality custom software solutions at a fair price. As a small business ourselves, we understand the need to stick to a budget. Our innovative apprentice program allows us to create excellent software at competitive prices.

Does your business need a custom software solution? We’re on it!
At EduSource, we develop feature-rich custom web applications to improve your business. We can also rescue projects that need saving. 
Our development teams are ready to deliver unique, effective, and profitable solutions for your business.


It can be hard to describe what you need. These are just a few of our solutions to jump start your ideas.


Do you need a web application that integrates your third-party systems? We can seamlessly pull data together from Survey Monkey, CRMs, business intelligence systems, QuickBooks, Mail Chimp, and others to create a streamlined process for your business.


Are you ready to take your business mobile with a custom app? EduSource specializes in iOS, Android, and Apple TV app development. We’ll help you develop your idea and build the app you need to enhance your business.


Do you have an idea for selling software as a service? We can help! We often work with businesses that have a great idea but lack the resources to bring it to life. With our help, you can turn your ideas into SaaS that generates repeat income for your company.


The sky is the limit! You can combine any of these ideas to build your own perfect software. Your business is unique, so it makes sense that your software would be as well—that’s why we call it custom software! We’ll work with your plans and ideas to build the right custom solution to enhance your business.


Do your business processes need streamlining? Do you rely on a spreadsheet to manage your  data? Let us save your business time and money by optimizing your business processes for your whole team. We specialize in custom web applications that are flexible to grow with your company and reliable to help your business run efficiently.


Sometimes EduSource uses pre-built software elements so we don’t have to start your software completely from scratch. In the industry, this is called microservices architecture. This innovative “building-block” type of software development saves businesses time and money while still providing high-quality software solutions.


For companies ranging from global entities with local branches to the small nonprofit down the street, we act as the outsourced development team for several businesses. For a monthly fee, we’re on call to handle whatever you need. We’re happy to solve your software-related issues so you can concentrate on your sweet spot. Leave the technical headache to us (we love it!).


Because we believe so strongly in equipping the future, we’re always on the lookout for partner universities. We’ve helped with things like hosting field trips, sending experts in to teach specific classes, and giving input on curriculum development. For two years, we even shared a professor with Taylor University. He spent half of his hours with us and half in the classroom.


We include business process coaching with any EduSource service. Our business analysts are experts at scrutinizing your business processes for automation opportunities and ways to improve efficiency. Together, we’ll develop a plan for rolling out solutions that make sense for your business and your budget.