Applications are now open for our summer 2019 Apprentice class! Here’s what you need to know:

What is the EduSource Apprentice program?

EduSource hires computer-science students to work on custom-software projects for up to two years during school. Rather than outsourcing overseas, we “edu-source” to local college students. We fit our student apprentices right onto our development teams with our full-time software engineers. The apprentices work on real work, on real projects. Our apprentice software engineers work full-time on site in our Indianapolis office during the summer. Then, during the school year, they work remotely from their various colleges, usually 10-20 hours per week. It’s a great way to start to pay off those college loans.  You can learn more about our apprenticeship program here.

What do you gain by being an EduSource Apprentice?

  • Three apprentices work on a tough problem together. More experienced apprentices help the newbies.

    Coaching. Each apprentice is teamed up with a coach, who meets with the apprentice every week or so, helping them with code quality, goal setting, and future pursuits.

  • Education. There’s a gap between the education you learn in school and the education you need to be ready for the professional workplace. Both are important. We specialize in taking college students and training them to be professionals. We do that through weekly classes, book clubs, lunch and learns, and various other training opportunities.
  • Technical Knowledge. Apprentices often get the chance to present at Tech Forums, which are our way of troubleshooting architecture solutions prior to starting new projects. All EduSource software engineers (and apprentices) are invited to come participate in a development team’s defense of their architecture decisions.
  • Year-Round Income. Apprentices are paid a competitive hourly wage, and unlike most internships, that money doesn’t stop once school starts. Apprentices are able to earn money by working remotely during the school year.
  • Connections. Since EduSource is a locally-owned small business, apprentices become part of the family! Each week in the summer, apprentices are invited to full-time employees’ homes for game nights. EduSource apprentices build long-lasting connections with other employees.
  • Professional connections. We often take our senior apprentices to a professional coding conference in Florida. Students are able to learn from workshops and build their networking skills, while solidifying relationships within the company.
  • Possibility of future employment. We hire recent graduates every year, and of course, we always look to our graduating apprentices first.

What are the qualifications?

Apprentice teams participate in an immersion teamwork activity.

We generally look for applicants that:

  • Are in the midst of their sophomore year at a four-year accredited college or university, with a major in computer science.
  • Have already taken a data structures class or something similar.
  • Have had some involvement with technology outside of the classroom.
  • Are self-motivated and dependable. Being a full-time student while handling professional work is a lot to juggle, so our apprentices must be mature and wise beyond their years.

What’s the process?

  • Step 1. Submit a resume. Send a resume to to get started on the application process. We will accept resumes up until Jan. 18, 2019.
  • Step 2. Fill out an application. We ask students to fill out a brief application with some extra information. We’ll send it to you once we receive your resume.
  • Step 3. Take an online assessment. Just to get a baseline of applicants’ knowledge, we ask all applicants to take a quick online assessment.
  • Step 4. Group interviews. Those that excel in the first 3 steps will be invited to an on-site group interview which will take place in early February.
  • Step 4. Offers. Offers will go out by the end of February.


Interested? Send a resume to to get started in the process!