If you’re a website regular, you may have noticed some changes recently. This spring, EduSource rebranded as “RoboSource,” keeping the EduSource name for our training division. Introducing, RoboSource!


Why are you going by “RoboSource” now?

For several reasons. First, it more accurately portrays what we do on a day-to-day basis. Last year, we started really investing in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and RPA-as-a-service. By the end of 2020, we knew it was going to be one of our main strategies going forward. It’s just a much more cost-effective way of being able to help our smaller clients. In addition to that, we realized that most of what we’ve always done has been process automation of one kind or another. It just seemed natural to go in that direction. There’s no doubt that robotic automation is where the world is moving.

In addition to the great reasons to go with the new name of RoboSource, we’ve often been met with some confusion in the marketplace because of our name. “Do you write education software?” is what we always hear. We knew we needed to create a larger brand at some point; we just hadn’t felt right about a new option until now.

So what happens to EduSource?

Really, it’s just becoming more focused. In the past, this site had to bridge the gap between “I want to be a software apprentice” and “I need custom software.” We honestly always felt like our website had an identity crisis. So now we will maintain two websites. This one will be focused entirely on our apprentice training programs. And the RoboSource one will be where potential clients can go to learn more about process automation.

Is anything changing with your team or for your clients?

Really just superficial things. If you are a current client, you will start getting emails from @robosource.us instead of @edusource.us. Our team members will now work for RoboSource instead of EduSource. EduSource becomes just our training division. But no, the day-to-day won’t change for our team, and our current clients will notice very little that’s different.

Do you still write custom software?

Much custom software is automation, and this will continue to be one of our focus areas. At some point in the future, we may decide to turn down certain projects / clients, simply because they don’t fit within that automation umbrella. But that’s down the road.


So that’s the news! If you have questions about the changes at EduSource, email Kendra.Beutler@robosource.us.