We’re not the first to think of this…

Some larger US airlines discovered some time ago that it often isn’t cost effective to train pilots internally. That’s why programs like Republic Airways Cadet Program exist – as feeder programs for large airlines like Delta and American. Recent graduates start out flying for a feeder carrier like Indianapolis-based Republic Airways, and after graduating from their program, get a guaranteed application review with Delta or other partners.

Just like EduSource training Entry-Level PLUS employees for you, this is a WIN-WIN-WIN, for the student, EduSource, and partner companies (who get recent graduates with plenty of experience handed to them on a platter).

What is Entry-Level PLUS?

“It was a complete disaster,” one of our partners told EduSource founder Jason Beutler.

They were having a discussion about hiring recent graduates. Every tech company has a story like this:

It was a large project, and he’d given it to a new employee, as a chance to prove himself. He knew the young guy could handle the project intellectually. But at the first client meeting, the employee showed up wearing ripped up jeans, with a black eye, and showing in numerous ways how rough the previous night had been. He compensated for his short night and sluggish behavior by acting like he knew everything. His new boss looked on, mortified, as the employee berated the client’s ideas. He didn’t listen, he just spouted answers.

We’ve heard all the horror stories. In fact, one of the surest questions we get when we tell other business owners about EduSource is this: How on earth do you get anything done with such a young workforce?

The answer to young adults who are intellectually, but not professionally, ready for a full-time job? Training, of course.

But we’re not talking about sending a new employee to workshop or two or having them spend their first week on the job sitting through lectures. At EduSource, we’ve perfected the idea of on-the-job training while students are still in college. When students complete an apprenticeship with EduSource, they graduate with up to two years of professional experience, gaining those professional skills through things like:

  • Observing (and occasionally leading) client meetings
  • Spending more than a year using professional project management software & learning how to use industry-standard tech tools
  • Being held to daily metrics and expectations
  • Working closely with professional mentors & coaches
  • Teaching the next generation of student apprentices
  • Attending their first professional conference
  • Simply by spending months working on real projects for real clients

At EduSource, we’re bridging the gap by developing a generation of Entry-Level PLUS employees. And we’re confident in them … put one of our graduating apprentices up against other graduating seniors, and you’ll see a difference. Frankly, you see a difference any time you find a student who has worked his/her way through school, rather than spending four years attending classes and staying up too late. But an EduSource apprenticeship is so much more intentional than most during-college jobs.

Why is that important? Because as Indianapolis grows in its reputation as a midwest tech hub, resourcing and talent will only become bigger headaches for the human resources arms of local tech companies.

“We have no shortage of good ideas in our ecosystem, but … we have work to do in order to facilitate a steady flow of capital and talent to fuel them,” said John McDonald, CEO of ClearObject.

With the already expected high cost of attracting experienced talent, entry-level talent should be the easy part – in fact, a third of Indianapolis developers are 21-25 years old in Indianapolis, according to the 2018 Indianapolis Tech Census commissioned by Eleven Fifty Academy. But the fact remains that many graduates aren’t ready for the demand of a professional job, nor can they seamlessly pick up a new software process. And since they generally make a percentage of first year’s salary as payment for their services, recruiters rarely concentrate in that area.

How can you take advantage of the EduSource apprentice program? We create partnerships with local businesses, giving them access to our graduating trained talent. Sometimes you can even hire someone who’s been working on your software or data. Interested in learning more? Email Kendra at kendra.beutler@edusource.us.