Just when we think we may have figured out millennials, Gen Z is coming to the workforce. Are you ready for them?”

Here are some recent thoughts on how to keep them happy in your workforce:

CNBC recently wrote about how to keep Gen Z workers happy. Three things they recommend:

  • They want real perks. But maybe not what you’d expect. The most important things to Gen Z? Health insurance, a competitive salary, and a boss they respect.
  • They want work that has meaning. Nearly 75% of Gen Z responders said that work should have some deeper meaning than just making money.
  • They are attracted to entrepreneurship. Nearly half of Gen Z responders said they want to have their own business someday, compared to 32% of all other working generations.


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Forbes recently wrote about this topic, too:

Universum (research firm) points out that this generation are 100% digital natives who grew up in uncertain times, facts that shaped their outlook immensely. The  children of Generation X, they are also the “first truly global generation”–and they’re about to come work for you.

  1. Their parents have the greatest influence on their educational and professional decision-making, but the perspectives of friends and teachers are important too.
  2. Curiosity is the strongest motivator for choosing a course of study. Money helps too, as does the chance to help people.
  3. They’re interested in entering the workforce without higher education, but fear actually doing so.