Meet Our Team

One of us is a graduate of the Skip Barber Racing School. Another greets co-workers in an Irish brogue. And one of us makes terrariums in our free time. Who did what? Read on.

Kevin Berkopes
Kevin Berkopes
Chief Scientific Officer

On the first day of his teaching career, Kevin was cursed, physically threatened, and ended the day with a black eye that showed up after a student threw a tennis ball at his face. Believe it or not, that ignited a lifelong passion for equitable education. And Kevin’s been living it ever since.

Kevin lives on a family farm, and he’s just as comfortable baling hay as meeting with Indiana political leaders. When he’s not on the farm, he splits time between EduSource and Crossroads Education, where he serves as CEO/Founder. The purpose of Crossroads comes back to Kevin’s roots in education – the company exists to enhance education by building tech-enabled near-peer models and community ecosystems. Before working at Crossroads full time, Kevin was a mathematics professor at IUPUI. He and his wife Sarah have three children: Josie, Jack, and Dylan.

Purdue University – PhD in Educational Mathematics (2014)

University of Texas at Austin – MA in Mathematics (2008)

Purdue University – BS in Mathematics (2003)

Jason Beutler

Jason’s dream world would be filled with interesting people that constantly have new and innovative ideas and want to talk about them. And chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

Several years ago, Jason Beutler was teaching a college computer engineering class when he realized that his students were writing better code than an outsourced team he was supervising at the same time. And that’s how EduSource was born. With almost 20 years of professional programming experience, you might expect Jason to spend his free time reading fantasy fiction, playing board games, or drinking Mountain Dew. He does. But he also spends a fair amount of time playing competitive sand volleyball and fanning hard-core at Notre Dame football games. His passion for Notre Dame extended to completing his MBA there in 2009. Professionally, Jason is passionate about process improvement and using accountability to grow young developers. He speaks often on this topic, to audiences as diverse as coding conference attendees, classes full of university students, and computer science educators. He’s currently serving on a national committee to measure and quantify the quality of high school computer science education.

Notre Dame University — MBA (2009)

Taylor University — BS in Computer Science / Systems (2000)

Kendra Beutler
Director of Talent & Communication

Kendra never wanted a minivan. But she has one, and it’s always filled up with employees on Mondays for company lunch day. They call it the “mom van.”

Kendra Beutler loves working with young adults. For many years of her career, that involved teaching at local universities. Now she gets to hang out with college students and young adults all the time at EduSource (the company’s average age is around 25, after all). Kendra is passionate about stories. She’s an avid reader of fiction. But she also loves a great in-depth feature story about anyone. When Kendra’s not working or carting kids all over, she enjoys making pasta sauce or specialty candies. And Kendra and Jason love to travel with their kids. Any reason is a great reason to throw everyone in the car and hit the road.

Ball State University — MA in Journalism (2009)

Taylor University — BA in Journalism (2000)

Ben Fritzeen
Ben Fritzeen
Software Engineer Apprentice

Ben is interested in autonomous systems. For a school project, he is working on convolutional neural network that can accurately classify a dog’s breed based on a picture. Given 120 breeds, it’s currently about 8% accurate. So, he says, he has a ways to go.

Ben’s family once flew out to California, then drove all the way back to the East Coast. His favorite stop along the way? Yosemite National Park, where he saw a baby bear in one of the bathrooms and the sunset over Half Dome, which is a view, he says, that he won’t soon forget. Ben has a variety of interests, from writing short stories to watching “The Office” to making terrariums in his college dorm room. In middle and high school, Ben was a wrestler, which he says was one of the hardest things he’s done, but taught him a lot about the world. “I was not, by any measure, the best on the team. I had to quickly learn the value of hard work and dedication. And I had to accept that I was not the best.”

Taylor University — BS in Computer Science (expected in 2020)

Eric Fritzsche
Erik Fritzsche
Business Analyst

Buying a new dishwasher? Choosing flooring for your home? Erik is one of those people who knows everything about EVERYTHING. And if he doesn’t know, he’ll be busy finding out, and then he’ll report back to you (and likely send you a link or two).

Erik’s official title may be business analyst at EduSource, but he also serves as the jack-of-all-trades. Need a picture hung? No problem. Printer acting funky? Erik’s on it. Trash bag sitting by the door? It’s gone as soon as he sees it. Right now, Erik’s life revolves around his three little ones, but he also enjoys playing golf or soccer and watching college football. Erik is one of those people who is always up on current events and enjoys reading finance news. But lest you think he’s stuffy, never fear. Erik’s a graduate of the Skip Barber Racing School. Oh yes, he is! We don’t even know what that is, but we are all quite jealous.

Taylor University — BS in Business Systems (2000)

Tory Harter
Tory Harter
Software Engineer

Tory is the kind of person who never, ever microwaves in plastic. He knows the risks.

Tory Harter is very quiet. But here at EduSource, we have a way of drawing people out. That’s why we know things about Tory. For instance, we know that his favorite milkshake is vanilla (“Vanilla IS a flavor,” he insists), and that he likes to create programming projects on the side. But the best thing we know about Tory? Even though he’s this quiet, blend-in type guy, he always wears crazy socks. If you’re feeling a little blue on a Monday morning, just come in and take a gander at Tory’s socks. Guaranteed to cheer you right up. Tory’s originally from Bluffton, Ind., and his geeky passion is that he can’t wait to see how artificial intelligence progresses in the future. You never know – Tory just might be the scientist behind one of those robots that take over the world!

Taylor University — BS in Computer Science (2016)

John "Hass" Hasenmyer with a big beard
John Hasenmyer
Director of Strategic Technology

Hass loves to greet everyone cheerfully in the morning. Often it’s “Top of the morning to ya!” in a bit of an Irish brogue. But last Friday it was “Guten morgen.” We all agreed that it was slightly less peppy than his usual greeting.

John Hasenmyer is the spirit of EduSource. He just is. He was the very first person founder Jason Beutler hired (even before his wife, Kendra!). But it’s more than that. Hass’ passion for mentoring young programmers comes through big time. Last summer, he personally coached all 12 of our student apprentices, meeting with them occasionally to discuss career options and future thinking. And you’ll (more often than not) find his chair pulled up to the desk of a less-experienced programmer, chatting about creative ways to solve a problem. Hass once spent six months hiking the entire Appalachian Trail with his wife. But his attempts to lead company backpacking trips have been only moderately successful. Programmers, after all, usually aren’t hired for their hiking ability.

Taylor University — BA in Computer Science (1999)

Elliot Jenks
Elliot Jenks
Software Engineer Apprentice

When Elliot’s at home in the Adirondack mountains, you might not find him easily. Despite the fact that one of his favorite things to do is to play video games with friends around the nation, he also loves the serene feeling of resting on top of a 3000+-foot mountain. “A lot of the time,” Elliot says, “it is not just the journey. While the climb is important, the destination should be appreciated and looked forward to.”

Elliot grew up working on a vegetable farm and selling its wares at a farmer’s market every Saturday. And even though he loves the rural life and the mountains, he also loves the sea, as he is a certified scuba diver. Basically, Elliot just plain loves the outdoors – fishing, hiking, and camping topping the list. But that doesn’t stop him from embracing the city life here in Indianapolis. He was the first EduSource employee to get an account for the downtown scooters! Elliot first got excited about programming for the first time after writing a simple program for his Ti-84 calculator.

Cedarville University — BS in Computer Science, Cybersecurity Track (expected in 2020)

Michael Neeley
Michael Neeley
Director of Finance

Two parts financial guru, one part parent to adopted teens, one part rock band bass player. Michael is definitely not what you expect when you think of “Director of Finance.”

Often wearing high tops, Michael slips into the office quietly. Though he’s a snappy dresser, Michael doesn’t call attention to himself. In fact, we often don’t realize he’s here (he’s part-time, after all) until we get hit with a question about a missing receipt or credit card transaction. Michael’s stress outlet (other than a deep love for music) is rock climbing or hiking or camping. Basically, anything outdoors. He and his wife also have a serious passion for helping teens through the foster system. Their two adopted children spent most of their lives in that system. And the Neeley family just built a new house with room for plenty more.

Ball State University – BS in Entrepreneurship (2006)

Justin Powell
Justin Powell
Software Engineer

Justin was an Eagle Scout in high school. For his final project, he built bat boxes on high poles and placed them in local parks. But he’s not sure if any bats ever actually moved in.

Justin Powell is a heads-down, ready-to-work programmer. But we’ve still managed to learn some things about him. Music is vital to Justin’s life. In high school, he was part of a competitive marching band, playing trumpet. Music continued to be important through college. Today, you’ll hear him listening to a variety of genres, but never country or rap. Justin likes to hang out with friends, but he’s also pretty happy having some time to himself.

Taylor University – BS in Computer Science (2016)

Bret Ridoux
Brett Ridoux
Director of Sales

In the mornings, Brett flits around the office, with a quick comment or question for each person. He doesn’t talk much about himself, though, so unless you asked, you’d never know that his favorite ice cream is Graeter’s Black Cherry Chocolate Chip.

Underneath Brett’s cheerful exterior, you’ll find that life hasn’t been easy the past few years. His wife is a recent cancer survivor and continues to fight to keep the illness at bay. Those struggles combined with his son’s mental illness have taught Brett to take life one day at a time. But life has a lot of joy too, and Brett says that adopting his two boys has been the most meaningful thing that’s happened in his life, one that happened as a result of a direct call from God. When he isn’t hanging out with the family or building his tech network, Brett is a yard guy. He loves to landscape, watch birds, and relax in nature. He’s considering launching a “Bird Watching Guild” at EduSource and adding bird feeders outside the office windows. THAT would be a whole new kind of education.

Cornell University – Certificate in Digital Marketing (2017)

University of Tennessee – MBA in Marketing/Logistics (1998)

Indiana University – BA in History (1994)

Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith
Software Engineer

Andrew’s pretty quiet. Once, he was driving with me to a job fair about an hour away. I warned him when he got in the car: “My goal is to get to know you during this drive. I’m going to ask A LOT of questions.” To his credit, he just smiled and chuckled softly. Then he went on to answer each and every question I asked.

Andrew Smith carries all of his 6-foot-6 frame with confidence. He’s extremely quiet, but not shy. In fact, we suspect that he’s behind a lot of the shenanigans that go on in the office, though you’d never know. When people are having strange conversations in the office (not that this ever happens…), Andrew will often be over at his desk, chuckling, shoulders shaking, even though he’s not contributing to the conversation. He gets the subtle points of humor. Andrew is exceptionally close to his family. He has three sisters and a brother, and if he takes time off, it’s usually to be with them. At “home” in Illinois, relatives are sprinkled like fairy dust around the nearby blocks. Holidays involve them all converging on one house with lots of noise and lots of food. Andrew is smart and steady and very mature for his age. He’s a vital part of our team.

Taylor University — BS in Computer Science/Systems (2016)

Blake Steel
Blake Steel
Software Engineer Apprentice

Blake has heterochromia, but most people don’t notice. No one looks into anyone else’s eyes, it seems.

Blake got into programming because he likes to solve puzzles. Through his background at two universities and a coding academy, he’s also become passionate about computer science education reform. In his downtime, Blake loves a good book. In fact, with a completely free Saturday, he’d probably settle in with a new book, perhaps the next in the Ratcatchers series. After all, he finished the first one, “Priest,” in just 12 hours. Blake is an oldest child, and he prefers pizza with a lot of meat. And he laughs hardest when watching meme videos with his fiancée.

Purdue University — BS in Computer Science (expected in 2021)

Jonathan Trick
Director of Software Development

Trick has all the certifications and experience that would impress you. But really, the most impressive thing about him is his ability to remain healthy without eating “anything that grows out of the ground.”

Jonathan Trick is passionate about mentoring youth. Ask any of the teenage boys he (along with his wife) spent years providing foster care for. Or any of the students in the youth group he volunteers with. Or ask our apprentices, who get the opportunity to learn much from Trick, who is one of our senior software engineers. On top of regular software development, you’ll find Trick leading book clubs about software best practices, helping the company along in our pursuits of Kanban and process improvement, or cleaning out the office refrigerator. The only complaint from one of our summer apprentices was that “everyone needs something from Trick, so we never get enough time with him!”

Anderson University — BA in Computer Science/Mathematics (1998)

Jordan Wood
Jordan Wood
Software Engineer Apprentice

Jordan is one of the very few EduSource employees that always shows up in a collared shirt. But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have some redneck in him. Jordan lives in the country, cared for 65 chickens when he was 13, and for years, his profile picture on Google was him holding a dead raccoon with a 22 rifle.

Jordan is the oldest of five siblings. Growing up, his dad made a big effort to teach him how to work hard, think logically, and make wise and informed decisions. This led to his first job, which included scooping ice cream at a diner located in Upland, IN – Ivanhoe’s. Jordan is passionate about many things, including helping people, solving problems, learning, and technology. They all overlap into computer programming, which is why he ended up here. He especially loves thinking about the overarching architecting and design, along with database systems and artificial intelligence.

Taylor University — BS in Computer Science Systems (expected in 2020)

Join our Team

Do you like the sound of this group? Join us! Job opportunities are listed below. If none are open, you can still send us your resume to keep on file!

Interested in working at EduSource? Send us your resume! Our email is

Business Analyst

Primary Duties:

  • Business analyst work. Attending project kickoffs and becoming the face of the project for the client. Subsequently translating the client’s business needs into workable user stories for the developers.
  • Quality assurance. Testing of software, and making sure it meets client expectations.
  • Client advocacy. Answer all client communication in a timely manner. Send weekly project updates and attend/organize weekly demo meetings.
  • Estimating. Over time, we hope this person can work with the sales team to assist with client proposals and estimation.

Secondary Duties:

  • IT. Technical on-boarding/off-boarding of employees; organizing & keeping track of EduSource equipment; dealing with copier repairs; etc.
  • Mock-Up Creation. Working with clients & dev team to develop high-fidelity project mark-ups using Adobe XD software. Make adjustments to mockups as needed.

Desired Skills / Experience Level:

  • Experience. Ideal candidate will have a BS/BA in computer science or business systems and/or professional experience programming or working closely with computer programmers.
  • Strong writing & verbal communication skills. A large part of this job will be communication, so this is very important.
  • Exceptional attention to detail. This is a detail job, and the ideal candidate will reflect that, placing a high importance on accuracy.
  • Organization. Because this job will be juggling between different areas of the company, the candidate must have strong time management skills and be highly resourceful.
  • UI/UX. Experience with the Adobe software suite is a plus.
  • IT. A hands-on knowledge working with technology is helpful.