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What is an apprentice, anyway? 

Is apprentice just a fancy word for intern? An apprentice is someone who is learning a job from a skilled worker. Apprenticeships used to be the primary method for learning how to do a job. Benjamin Franklin started out as an apprentice. So did Thomas Edison.

At EduSource, we’re bringing apprenticeships back.

We hire college computer science majors after their sophomore year for our apprenticeship program. Apprentices work full time during the summer and 15-20 hours per week from campus during the school year. We hire students for two full years (which is a stark contrast to an internship, which consists of spending a few months with a company during the summer).

EduSource Programming Apprentices 2017
Our 2017 EduSource apprentice class. We really hit a home run with this group!
Why is it better? 

Most computer science internships involve a lot of software testing and not much of anything else. But at EduSource, we want you to experience real-life software development.

“I have a friend who is being paid way more than I am, but he’s doing grunt work. And there’s no accountability, so he basically gets nothing done. He’s jealous of my summer job.” – 2017 EduSource Apprentice

Our student apprentices get to work on real programming projects that make the world a better place. In the past, they’ve worked on the following projects:

  • A web-based system to track assets and generate reports for a logistics company, improving efficiency and allowing them to grow their business.
  • An application that allows users to discover where to buy a certain prescription drug for the least amount of money in a certain geographic area.
  • An iPad/Android app that allows users to capture and easily distribute live video feed that plugs into an existing sound system. It’s targeted toward churches and other non-profits.

“You kept us busy doing real work. There wasn’t a time when I wasn’t doing anything important. I felt needed. You treated us like employees. I didn’t feel like an intern.” – 2017 EduSource Apprentice

Real work isn’t the whole story, though.

One of our EduSource mantras is “developing people” (not just code). By the time our apprentices graduate, we want them to know more than just good coding practices. We want them to have grown as people. Here are some ways we develop our apprentices:

  • Our apprentices have exposure to client relations by attending meetings (sometimes on site) and phone calls with clients. In some situations, they even have the chance to give professional presentations.
  • During the summer, we hold EduSource U every week, where we have full-time employees in the company teach about different aspects of professional development. We also have weekly technology forums and book clubs.
  • Our full-time employees host game nights during the summer for all the apprentices to attend. They get to eat great food, play fun games, and spend time with their coworkers outside the work environment. It allows everyone to form more personal relationships, and it makes the office that much more fun when everyone comes back on Monday!
Are you a good fit? 

Good question! Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • We generally only accept students who have finished their sophomore year in a software-related field at a 4-year, accredited college.
  • We prefer that students have already taken a class that emphasizes data structures. Email us at if you need clarification.
  • We are looking for creative problem solvers who are self-motivated and who aren’t afraid to fail.

“If I’m uncertain about something, it helps to know that it’s okay to fail. And I have resources to solve the problem.” – 2017 EduSource Apprentice

  • Being able to handle EduSource work while being a full-time student takes some juggling. Our apprentices need to be dependable and mature beyond their years, and able to manage their time well.
  • Culture fit is a big deal at EduSource. That means we’re constantly on the lookout for students who exhibit our core values. EduSource is an uplifting, encouraging place to work. It stays that way because we hire people who are that way.
Want to join us?

To get started in the application process (or to ask any questions), email:

Applications are closed for the 2018 Apprentice class, but we always love connecting with new talent. Want to get your name in our brains? Send us an email and let us know you’re interested for next year!

Don’t believe us? 

Just watch.

“Why would I recommend EduSource? The people.
I love the people and the environment. Things are so well organized. It’s fun and educational.” – 2017 EduSource Apprentice