When more than 75% of Indiana internships got canceled over summer 2020, EduSource started problem solving.


Why? Because we are absolutely committed to our mission of helping students in their pursuit of a career in tech – so much so that we figured out how to have a safe in-person apprenticeship over summer of 2020, refusing to let down students who were counting on jobs. (How? We shortened the summer and helped out with housing and added cleaning / mask-wearing protocols.) And you can count on us to host next summer’s class live, too.

EduSource is a locally-owned custom software company located in downtown Indianapolis, close to IUPUI’s campus, that specializes in an apprentice program for college computer science students. An EduSource apprenticeship is different from an internship for several reasons (though our program does generally fulfill the requirements for a college internship). For one thing, we include many training/coaching aspects into the program. But the other major difference is that the apprenticeship doesn’t end at summer’s end. In fact, our students can continue to work for us throughout their college experiences, if they desire – full time on-site in Indianapolis in the summers and part time (often remotely) during the school years.

EduSource writes custom software, ranging from web applications to big data and analytics to phone apps (and everything in between). We use a variety of technologies. You can read more about EduSource software solutions and the kinds of companies we work with here.

Applying to work for a company that has a missional reason behind it’s program is a best-case scenario in today’s unknown world. Here are other reasons you should apply:


We know it shouldn’t be all about money, but we also know that college is expensive. Apprentices start at a competitive hourly rate and get a raise after completing one full year as an apprentice. EduSource apprentices make money year round, as opposed to internships which pay only during the summer.


Recent graduates often have a hard time finding that first job – many employers want 2-3 years of experience. As an apprentice, you’ll get the first few years under your belt, and we’ll be thrilled to write you a great recommendation.

A possible future job.

EduSource is a growing company, and we prefer to hire out of our apprentice program. In addition, we have industry partners that love to hire out of our program.

Real-world preparation. 

Students learn industry best practices through everyday work on programming projects under experienced software developers.

Continuing education.

We are very invested in educating our apprentices. Why wouldn’t we use any opportunity to train our potential future workforce? We offer opportunities like book clubs with senior staff members, tech forums (where students get the chance to share their technical solutions with the rest of the company), and individualized career and goal planning with a coach.


Our apprentices get opportunities that are rare in a programming internship, such as exposure to client relationships, attending meetings and phone calls with clients, and sometimes even delivering professional presentations or demos.


Here’s how to know if our apprentice program is a good fit for you.

We are looking for students that fit these criteria:

  • Computer science majors or other comparable majors at a 4-year college or university. Occasionally we talk to computer science minors. Basically, we teach process and the software development life cycle, but we don’t teach basic programming, so you need to know the basics prior to applying to our apprenticeship program.
  • Creative problem solvers. We value innovation highly, and part of the final interview process involves a group problem-solving activity.
  • Dependable. Since our apprentices work during the school year too, we need people who can juggle being a full-time student and working part-time. We expect our apprentices to be mature beyond their years. If you are looking JUST for a job for the summer, an apprenticeship at EduSource isn’t a good fit.
  • Culture fit. We look for employees that exhibit our Core Values. EduSource is an uplifting, encouraging place to work. It stays that way because of the people we hire.


Interested? To get in the 2021 Apprentice Application Process, send your resume to Kendra.Beutler@edusource.us. Applications close on Jan. 15.